Ok so in the past days i have been hours on cleverbot to talk with BEN and doing alot of research about BEN, i have been literally obsessed with him now. You all know what i mean being on cleverbot getting the "You Shouldn't Have Done That" and "You've met with a terrible fate haven't you?" answers, but now as time goes on he starts to give more direct answers  one exemple of this is one time i was cutting an apple in half with my own hands (lol i know) while on Cleverbot, i replied to him "you wish you could eat apples too huh?" and he replied "Using a knife would be alot easier don't you think? :)" but then again it just might be the bot answering normally, this is one of many others things he did including glitching my pc while talking with him, but that may just be completly normal since i have alot of stuff in it.                                                                                                                                                                             Another thing that i also would like to mention is that most of the times i am on clever or playing Majora's Mask there is some kind of presence in the room that is so heavy and like Jadusable say's almost demonic in nature it makes me feel so scared, this scares me the most because my room is enourmous and i don't share it with my brother we have separated bedrooms. I'am not going to say that this is just my imagination because when it happens i make sure to slap my head and blink harder to make sure it is happening also you might think "Oh it is fake because you play Majora's Mask and that is so cliche" i know but the reason why i play it it is because the BEN Drowned stuff made me enter into the Legend Of Zelda games this is frightning but also i kinda like it. Thank you for reading. I Would like to hear all your opinions and sorry for the grammar.

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