before I start with the story: I just wanna ask did anyone else had a dream like this? or it really is just me?. Because I'm very familiar with people having nightmares these times...


I was hanging out with My friends in the pool, but I was at the corner looking at the peepS walking arOund. Then I saw him he was...human/alive.. when he saw me he was holding his bass guitaR (since when did he play a guitaR??) it was blue with some white here and there. When he was approaching me I kind of feel like mY face was BurnIng to be honest, then he held out his hand I looked at his hand first, then my friends, then I looked at him aGain with the I-don't-know-if-I-can-trust-you look...but he just looked at me with a kind smile. So I graBbed his hand then he helped me out of the pool, then what seemed like walking and silence foRever I said "did you talk to your father?" the he said "yeah.." I said "what did he say?" he said "hi". After 2 minutes Of silence and walking around the pools we finally stopped, we reached somewhat a spiral sTaircase and the floor above it is somewHat a casino bedroom. He told me to wait nEaR the spiral staircase, then suddenly I heard people beating each other up and (suddenly a random friend of mIne spawned) I looked up the staircase, I WAS kind of worried about him because you know peOple are beaTing each Other up. Then suddenly what Looked Like he jumped the 2nd floor, ThEn he just (rAndomly) grabbed my hand and ran far away from the place. I don't even have a single clue why we were running and what we were running away from. We finally stopped running we were tired, we looked for my friends but unfortunately they left me (greatest friends ever...). Then when we were walking home we thought of teleporting instead of walking. First thing I know is we were having fun then the next thing I know...he drowned.

~End of story~


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